Last week I left my consulting job. Working as a consultant was a great fit for my first years out of college - I learned a ton about business and (good and bad) software development.

But I realized that now is an ideal time to strike out on my own. I have few current financial obligations but enough savings to sustain me for a couple months. As a software developer, I also have the privilege of knowing work is easy to find (though it might not be good work).

So I took the plunge and became unemployed.

I am grateful most people in my life have been supportive, though explaining my plans required some creativity. I have alternately described this as my “techie version of a mid-twenties round-the-world trip,” “technical vision quest”, or “taking my place as heir to the Tork paper products empire.”

That last one is a joke - I unfortunately have no relation to Tork the company, though it still fills my heart with pride to see my middle name in bathrooms across America.

Instead, I will spend the next two months pursuing my own technical interests, working on neglected side projects, and - if I’m lucky - finding an idea that could turn into a viable business. My dream is to start my own company, and spending two months trying to do it is simultaneously exciting and terrifying.

From a technical perspective, I plan to continue working with Docker and Python. I also want to try some new languages and frameworks, like node, go, AngularJS, and Swift.

Outside of coding, I plan to spend more time blogging, presenting, and submitting talks for conferences. I had a great time leading a tutorial session on Docker at PyOhio last month.

I am excited to see what’s next and to share it here! If you are in Washington, DC and want to meet up, feel free to email me (below) or hit me up on Twitter!


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